Bitcurate Top 10 Hottest New Startups of 2020 (Week #23) listed in Startup Tracker
June 9, 2020

We are very excited to share our recent achievements for Bitcurate. The company has been selected as one of the Top 10 most viewed profiles on Startup Tracker (Week #23).


Startup Tracker is a company platform uses search engine that connects information seekers with relevant startups and boasts crowdsourcing on-demand feature to source information about companies, enabling users to keep a track on startups with positive business prospects and thereby helping startups reach their target audience.

About Bitcurate

Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for cryptocurrency that help better decision-making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis. Bitcurate aims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. It helps investors, traders, and the fund managers make better decisions and is building models, algorithms and data science tools that brings data-driven decision making to their investments. Bitcurate is dedicated to enable more market participants to access to the future of money and decentralize finance.


  • We believe that big decisions need to be guided by unbiased, proven and reliable insights. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and quant finance uses machine intelligence

  • Data science model to breakdown complex and asymmetrical information globally, removing noise and generating alpha giving you that unfair advantage, today