Bitcurate Added Crypto Market Data on its All-in-one Analytics Platform
Bitcurate Team
Published on
September 10, 2020

The all-in-one crypto & DeFi analytics platform Bitcurate introduced a brand new feature 'Market Data' on its analytics platform as a continuous product development process.

Photo: Overall Market Data

Now you can easily find all the Crypto market data into a single place. These include 'Aggregated Market Cap', 'Fear and Greed Index', Top 10 Coins Heatmap, Top 10 Crypto Spot Price, and also analytics for every specific cryptocurrency.

Let’s have a short look at the features- 

Aggregated 90d Market Cap: This feature shows the daily market capitalization of the overall cryptocurrency industry for a 90 days period.

Fear and Greed Index: This is the combination of AI and machine learning which shows the real time market sentiment. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly correlated with this index. In this index, the value of 0 means "Extreme Fear" while a value of 100 represents "Extreme Greed".

Top 10 Heatmap: Here you can find the top coins and its real-time price with the percentage of price change. Check the gif on the upper side to understand more.

Look the GIF below to find the charts...

Photo: Overall Aggregated 90d Market Cap, Fear and Greed Index and Top 10 Heatmap

Top 10 Crypto Spot Price: This chart below shows the price of the top coins, market cap, and price changes for 1 day, 7 days, & 30 days.

Photo: Top 10 Crypto Spot Price

For coin specific analytics include, 'Spot Price', 'Aggregated 24hr Volume & percentage, 'Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Depth', Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Flow, Sell price in different exchanges, etc. 

Spot Price: Includes spot price history for 30 days and 90 days timeline.

Aggregated 24hr Volume: This chart contains the volume of each coin for a 7 days time period from popular exchanges around the world. 

Aggregated 24hr Volume %: Includes the percentage of volume of the coin from the popular exchanges. Look below the chart to understand it.

Photo: Coin Price, Aggregated 24hr Volume and Aggregated 24hr Volume Percentage from different exchanges

Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Depth: You can get an in-total order-book depth of every coin from the top exchanges. A screenshot from dashboard on this added below.

Photo: Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Depth for ETH/USD

Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Flow: 

Photo: Aggregated Exchange Orderbook Flow for ETH/USD

Orderbook flow shows the real-time flow of every cryptocurrency from different crypto-exchanges. You can easily understand whether more people are buying or selling in a heartbeat.

At the current stage, we are just tracking BTC and ETH for this analysis. Let us know which cryptocurrency we should add next by joining our Telegram community.

“Creating real-time, unbiased and actionable data for cryptocurrency investors is our main focus. As we are a trader and investor ourselves, the current approach by various data aggregators is insufficient.” said Victor Lee, founder and CEO of Bitcurate . “We are in the continuous agile development adding useful and requested functionality from our user’s feedback, including DeFi data tracking, predictive analytics and more”.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and real-time data reflect the heartbeat of the industry. To be a profitable trader or investor, one must grasp real-time market sentiment, blockchain transactions tracking and cryptocurrency exchanges trading data and Bitcurate provides all-in-one crypto analytics for your unfair advantage, today.


  • We believe that big decisions need to be guided by unbiased, proven and reliable insights. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and quant finance uses machine intelligence

  • Data science model to breakdown complex and asymmetrical information globally, removing noise and generating alpha giving you that unfair advantage, today

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