Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for cryptocurrency that help better decision-making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.

We believe that big decisions need to be guided by unbiased, proven and reliable insights. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and quant finance uses machine intelligence and data science model to breakdown complex and asymmetrical information globally, removing noise and generating alpha giving you that unfair advantage, today.


Bitcurate aims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. We help investors, traders, and the fund managers make better decisions and are building models, algorithms and data science tools that brings data-driven decision making to their investments. We believe that crypto will democratize financial access and inclusion by enabling more market participants to access to the future of money and decentralize finance.


To accelerate the transition to the future of money by:


Empowering market participants to make better decisions through transparent and unbiased data


Providing useful and actionable data through our proprietary prediction model and sentiment analysis.


Onboarding non-crypto users with simplicity and ease of use through great user experience design to our ecosystem of products.


Decentralization of access for market participation through blockchain technology.


Partnership with other protocols, technology companies and certified industry players to provide more value to our customers and community.


Victor Lee

Victor is the CEO for Bitcurate and digital 1st native with more than 10 years of experience in technology product development, focusing on mobile and financial products. He previously cofounded Olifun.com, a consumer mobile application startup and was also the innovation product lead in Omnicom Media Group and Standard Chartered Bank.

Mah Soon lai
CTO - Full Stack
Peyton Tian-Yan
Head, Analyst & Product
Mario Morales
Chief Data Scientist
Mir Rasel
Digital Lead
Adugna Mengistu
Quantitative Analyst
Steven Leong
Digital Marketing Lead

Advisors, Investors & Counsel

Jon-Tzen, Ng
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, PinganTech Ex-Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank China
Alvin Foo
Managing Director of Reprise Digital China Ex-Head of Mobile, Google China
Dan Liebau
CEO and Founder of Lightbulb Capital Ex-Head of Global Banking and Market IT, HSBC
Joe Wong
General Manager of George P Johnson China CMO for DarcMatter, Fintech Platform for Alternative Investments
Nicholas Ng
Managing Director for Provintell Technologies Cybersecurity for Cloud and Blockchain Security
Jessica Chuah
Head Of Compliance at GBCI Ventures / Blockchain Ex-CCO for UDAX, Tokenize Exchange and ex-HSBC BI analyst

Partners & Customers