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Geoffrey Schofield
Crypto investor
I just wish that there's more transparency and data-driven analytics in the crypto market and Bitcurate is there to fill the gap. Love the hustling team to create value in this market!
Chong Shi
Active Crypto Trader
I like the simplicity of the solution that solves my pain-point. Find opportunities instantly through global news sounds like something i need for my crypto trading daily.
Kishore M
Ex-hedge fund manager
This is unique to the crypto industry; predictive data leveraging blockchain and sentiment analysis. This help traders to gain that extra advantage in this highly volatile market!
Nicholas Krapel
Crypto & DeFI advocate
I don't trade often, but when i do, i trade on Bitcurate's highly accurate and real time sentiment data! I knew Victor and team since 2018 in Shanghai and he has been delivering his results.
Dimitar Dinev
Early crypto adopter
Bitcurate simplifies sentiment analysis allowing traders to understand the crypto market in a glance. Superb team solving a real problem for the industry, unbiased and useful data.
Kerwin Naidoo
Crypto investor
Bitcurate data analytics platform applies innovative and useful tools for crypto market. This helps me to synthesis and analyze better for my investment strategies.


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